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Good for general use, and especially suited for Luna, Planetary, Solar and
Double Star observation and astrophotography
If you are looking for the benefits of long focal length, sealed Cassegrain optics in a highly portable package that doesn't take a whole room to set up then you'll find SKYWATCHER's MAK-127 just the ticket. Skywatcher Diamond series Maksutov-Cassegrains have long been known as the ultimate take-anywhere telescope, packing exceptional performance into a small highly mobile package. Beautifully finished in metallic black and white, this telescope fits conveniently to any popular dovetail style mount and boasts superb optics - and extremely solid construction.
includes: 2" Star Diagonal, 2" 28mm Eyepiece, and 6x30 Finder Scope
Also Available: Slick (Japan-Made) Tripod: $240       Tripod-Adapter: $40
Using High-Performance SCHOTT optical glass, it presents outstanding rich contrast planetary and lunar views along with stunning close up encounters of deepsky objects. Perfect for splitting double stars.
BD MAK-127 Images
Skywatcher MAK-127 Skywatcher MAK-127 Skywatcher MAK-127
Image taken with SW Mak-127   Moon - Skywatcher BDMAK127
BD MAK-127 Technical Specifications
General Specifications
Optical System Maksutov-Cassegrain - Schott Optical Glass
Effective Aperture 127mm
Focal Length 1500mm
Focal Ratio f/11.8
Eyepiece 28mm 2"
Eyepiece Holder 2" / 1.25" Diagonal
Finderscope 6x30
OTA Weight 3.5kg
Available Accessories Sun Filter, Barlow Lens, Focal Reducer, Camera Adapter etc.
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