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21st October 2016


Like all TAKAHASHI mounts, the EM-200 Temma-2M is a beautiful, high-precision, very-solid GOTO mount, which is designed and built to last a lifetime! It is no wonder, that the world's top Astrophotographer; Rogelio Bernal Andreo, uses the TAKAHASHI EM-200!
The EM-200 provides a stable support for all types of instrument (refractor, reflector or cassegrain) weighing up to 18kg. The modern aesthetic design of the EM-200 is highly attractive as well as beautifully functional. The RA and DEC stepper motors are fully integrated into the mounting, the high precision design and construction provides cyclic errors lower than +/- 5 arc seconds.

The integrated polar alignment telescope has an illuminated reticule which can be dimmed to suit the user or observing conditions. This in conjunction with the precision altitude and azimuth adjusters will typically give polar alignment accuracy within 2 minutes of arc of the celestial pole.

With a function-full hand controller, options on tripods and piers and also optional digital setting circles the EM-200 is an ideal mounting for the serious amateur.

The mount can operate in Temma mode and in the normal mode using the hand control.

The Temma requires the use of a PC to operate.
Features of the EM-200 Temma-2M
  •  Guider cable (for CCD imaging only)
  • Power cable (12V or 24V for higher speeds)
  • Hand controller
  • Hand controller cable
  • Serial cable for PC
TAKAHASHI Em-200 Temma-2M Em-200 Temma-2M Hand Controller Components of EM-200 Temma-2M
Click Images To Enlarge
 Em-200 Temma-2M with SKY-90 TAKAHASHI Em-200 Temma-2M
EM-200 Temma-2M Technical Specifications
Type: German equatorial with Temma-2M go-to system built-in
R.A. slow motion: Round worm wheel [180:1] by quartz-controlled stepping motor
Dec. slow motion: Round worm wheel [180:1] by quartz-controlled stepping motor
Azimuth adjustment: Adjustable 15 in either direction
Altitude adjustment: Adjustable 0 to 50
Setting circles: R.A. driven - 10' increments .. Dec. 2 increments
Loading capacity: 16kg (35.2lbs)
Gross weight: 16.5kg (36.3lbs) + 2ea. 5kg counterweights
Polar alignment scope: Built-in, 9x, 3' setting accuracy. Scale pattern, quick reference type - good until 2030 in either hemisphere with illumination and bubble level.
Counterweights: 5kg (x2)
Motor Drive System (Temma-2M)
Drive System: Dual axes, quartz control, driving frequency: 100pps. N/S, Star/Sun switching by hand-controller
Usable Area: World-wide, but high latitude is limited as mentioned in the Equatorial Mount section of the manual.
High Speed Drive: Approx. 700x sidereal
Correction Speed:
(manual operation)
RA: 0.11 ~ 1.99x sidereal .. Dec. 0.15 ~ 14.65 arc sec/sec stepless by the speed control provided on the control pad.
Mode Indicator: High speed operation - Red light
Normal operation - Green light
Power Source: DC12V
Power Consumption: Sidereal rate Approx: 0.8A .. High speed on both axes: 3.5A .. Start: 5.1A
Go-To Operation: By a PC
Software: Pegasus-21 or other compatible software
Accessory: RS232C cable
Operational Temp: -5 ~ +30C
TAKAHASHI EM-200 Temma-2M Instruction Manual - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
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