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21st October 2016


Professional-Standard Reliability And Performance That Will Last You A Lifetime
The Takahashi EM-400 Temma II mount has been developed to fill the gap between the Tak NJP and EM-500 mount. It has been designed to carry an 85 lb. load. The EM-400 disassembles into three sections: The R.A./Dec assembly, the base assembly, and the counterweight shaft. This reduces the heaviest part to 49 lbs (22.3kgs), which is lighter than the weight of the NJP equatorial head. This makes transportation and set-up easier.

The entire mount rotates 360 on it's base for easier set-up, and allows the tripod to be set in the most secure position. All of the cables attach to the underside of the Dec. housing and the use of internal encoders allows the mount to be used without having the cable wrap around in inconvenient positions. The 8kg. counterweights use two lock screws for more secure attachment to the counterweight shaft.

The Takahashi EM400 Temma II Mount uses the highly accurate EM-200 computing reticle with an 11X eyepiece to allow three arc minute polar alignment to the celestial pole. This reticle is useable until the year 2040. The EM 400 is a dual-voltage mount that will operate on either 12 volts (500X sidereal) or 24 volts (500X sidereal). The Temma II system is compatible with The Sky and other popular software using the free ASCOM and Linux drivers. This mount can be used anywhere in the world with a latitude adjustment from 0 to 50 in either hemisphere.
I am glad I listened to you and bought the Takahashi EM-400 Temma 2M Mount, instead of the other brand I was thinking of buying. When recently I had the opportunity to compare my EM-400 with two other popular mounts, I realized I made the right choice. Thank you!
(G. Paularis - Auckland, NZ)
Features of the EM-400 Temma-2M
  •  The Takahashi EM-400 Temma II provides three piece construction for easy transport and assembly.
  • Rotates fully 360 on its base and correction rates (for autoguiding) are hand controller adjustable.
  • The Takahashi EM-400 Temma II dual-voltage system operates on either 12 volts (250X sidereal) or 24 volts (500X sidereal).
  • Can be used with "J" wooden tripods, NJP metal tripod, or new EM-400 tripods (sold separately).
  • The Takahashi EM-400 Temma II has a weight capacity is 85 lbs.
  • Controls include a power switch, a RA motor switch (standby), a power LED and a dimmer to adjust the polar finder illumination.
Images of the EM-400 Temma-2M
TAKAHASHI Em-400 and Mewlon-300 EM-400 and TOA-130
EM-400 Temma-2M Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications
Type: German equatorial with Temma-2M go-to system built-in
R.A. slow motion: Motor Driven
Dec. slow motion: Motor Driven
Azimuth adjustment: 360
Latitude adjustment: Adjustable 0 to 50
Drive System: Temma-2M Go-To
Loading capacity: 38kg (85lbs)
Gross weight: Equatorial Head: 22.5kg (49.5lbs)
Base: 5.2kg (11.4lbs)
Counterweight Shaft: 2kg (4.4lbs)
Total: 29.5kg (64.9lbs)
Counterweights: 8.0kg x 2 w/double locks
Polar Finder: Illuminated, built-in w/3' accuracy until 2040
Drive System: 240pps quarts controlled stepper motors
High Speed: 500x @ 12v
Accuracy: 3.5"
TAKAHASHI EM-400 Temma-2M Instruction Manual - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
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