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21st October 2016

Page Date: 13-5-2013



The new FC-100DL fluorite apochromat is the latest addition to the lightweight FC line of Takahashi telescopes.

Utilizing a Steinheil design, the objective places the fluorite element at the back of the f/9 optical tube and with a 900mm focal length, the observer can view both terrestrial and deep sky objects objects at high magnification with color free views.

The design also works well with the FC-35 reducer.

The new tube holder is 50mm longer to accomodate for balancing and can accept the GT-40 guidescope with its drilling.

With a weight of 3.8kg the scope is easily portable.

FC-100DL Images
FC-100DL Technical Specifications
Type Fluorite Apochromat
Aperture 100mm
Focal Length 900mm
Focal Ratio f/9
Diameter of Main Tube 95mm
Length of Main Tube 940mm
Weight of OTA 3.8kg
with FC-35 Reducer 0.66X (TKA19580)
Focal Length 590mm
Focal Ratio f/5.9
Image Circle φ44mm
CA35 CA Ring 102 (TKA23202)
TAKAHASHI FC-100DL Photo/Visual System Chart  PDF - CLICK HERE
TAKAHASHI FC-100DL Extender-Q 1.6x 2" System Chart  PDF - CLICK HERE
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