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21st October 2016


Lightweight, Portable, Mere minutes to change from FS-60CB to FC-76DC and back again!

The FC-76DC objective unit has been designed to expand the capabilities of the FS-60CB and Q. This assembly allows the focuser unit of the FS-60 CB and Q to be attached FC-76DC objective unit. Using the objective unit allows the FS-60CB and Q owner to expand the capabilities of their scope to a larger objective at a fraction of the cost of a complete FC-76DC tube assembly.

FC-76 Objective Unit FC-76 Objective Unit

By simply unscrewing the objective of  the FS-60CB and then screwing in the FC-76DC conversion kit, the job is done.  You now have a wonderful f/7.7 instrument of  nearly 600mm focal length.  This is still a very lightweight portable instrument and can be used both visually and photographically, not only for astronomy but for wildlife photography using a  standard photographic tripod.

Technical Specifications
General Specifications
Objective Diameter 76mm
Focal Length 570mm
Tube Diameter 80mm
Tube Length 335mm (~14")
Weight 1.8kg (~4lbs)
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