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21st October 2016


The FS-60Q is a new version of the FS-60CB. The Q is for the four elements that make up the optical train. The quadruple elements that make up the Q are the doublet fluorite objective and the two-element 1.7x CQ module.

The factory installed CQ [1.7x] module to produces a 600mm fl, f/10 system. This new configuration offers the longer focal length, a flatter field across a 35mm circle that is 95% illuminated.

The CQ module is also offered separately and is compatible with any FS-60C ever made to covert it to the Q when the 1.7x module is attached. This conversion is as simple removing the white tube from the focuser, attaching the 1.7x module to the focuser and then attaching the section with the objective in it to the 1.7x module.

The in-place extender flattens the image to a 44mm circle with 96% illumination to allow imaging the Moon, planets or a solar eclipse. The larger image scale of the 60mm focal length allows prominences and the corona to be more easily seen or imaged with a digital SLR. Used with the Extender-Q the FS-60Q becomes an f/16 960mm telescope that will be able to view some of the smaller lunar craters and produce a 9mm lunar image on a sensor from its 40mm image circle.

The 1.7x CQ module can be easily removed which will convert the FS-60Q to an FS-60CB f/5.9. Now the dedicated reducer [.72x] f/4.2 and dedicated flattener can be used to image at f/6.2 for flat field or wide field imaging. Now, the F/5.9 FC-60CB can be used for wide field observing. Further, the 1.7x CQ module is sold separately for the owners of FS-60C, CSVs and CBs which converts them into the FS-60Q with all of the benefits the module enables, as mentioned previously.

Versatility is that word that best describes the FS-60Q modular telescope. Converts from an f/10 600mm focal length instrument to an f/5.9 354mm wide field instrument that can be used to image at f/6.2 using the dedicated flattener or to f/4.2 with the dedicated reducer. Both devices providing a 44mm image circle which will cover an APS size chip or used at f/10 with a 44mm flat field 95% illuminated to narrow field imaging; or extended with the Extender-Q to 960mm for lunar, nature or eclipse imaging at f/16 with a 40mm image circle.

Each FS-60Q is supplied with a set of covers for the QE module which will allow the scope to be made into two assemblies, the FS-60CB and the QE module for easy airline transport. This is perfect for eclipse chasing.
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FS-60Q   FS-60Q installation
FS-60Q Standard/White Installation of CQ Module
FS-60Q Technical Specifications
Type Fluorite 2 + 2
Aperture 60mm
Focal Length 600mm
Focal Ratio f/10
Tube Diameter 80mm
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