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21st October 2016


What is the FSQ-106ED
The FSQl06ED is a flat-field f/5 imaging visual Astrograph: the successor to the legendary FSQ106, employs a modified advanced Pelzval design of four elements in 4group, two of which are ED (extra low dispersion) glass to provide superior color correction.

Improved Color Correction
As a result of using two high performance ED glass elements, and by positioning the G3 element close to the G2 element, the FSQ106ED has dramatically Improved correction for colour and spherical aberration. The new design corrects colour for over a wide range from the near ultra-violet to the near infra-red, 400nm to 1000nm. This makes the FSQ-l06EO the perfect imaging platform.

Improved Illumination
The new design increased the size of the G3 element by 50% and placed it closer to the G2 element. The result is an increase in field illumination of 20% for a 35mm frame, 33% for a 70mm image circle and a 34% for the 88mm  image circle; a great improvement over the standard Petzval design.

Improved High Magnification
The new Extender-Q 1.6X(50.8/2") was designed to take advantage of the new Capabilities of the FSQ-106ED design. The new 50.8mm (2") five-element corrector, flattener, and extender increases the focal length from 530mm f/5 to 850mm f/8 flawlessly. The correction provided by the Extender-Q 1.6X (50.8/2") allows the highest possible magnification to be used. The 30% increase in color correction provided by the Extender-Q 1.6X (50.8/2") produces diffraction limited images at high and low magnification

Reducer-QE 0.73X
This newly designed f/3.6 dedicated reducer for the FSQ-160ED is a 4-element in 3-group 0.73X accessory. The Reducer-QE 0.73X maintains the same high level of color correction and field flatness produced by the FSQ-106ED at its native f/5 focal ration. It was designed to be used with digital SLR's and CCD cameras.

Enhanced Back Focus
The FSQ-160ED has been designed with a back focus of 178mm. This enhanced back focus will allow the imager or observer to use any combination of CCD camera, bino-viewer or diagonal with their FSQ-106ED. The standard accessories include a prime focus tube, compression ring 50.8mm(2") and 31.7mm (1.25" adapters for maximum flexibility.
FSQ-106ED Technical Specifications
Optical System Flat-Field Advanced Petzval Quadruplet
Aperture 106mm
Focal Length 530mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Photographic Field 9.5
Image Circle 88mm
Resolving Power 1.09"
Limiting Magnitude 11.8
Light Gathering Power 229X
Diameter of Main Tube 125mm
Total Length of Main Tube 675mm (Lens Shade Extended)
  580mm (Lens Shade Retracted)
Weight of Main Tube 7.0kg (15.4lbs) with Finder
Finder Scope 7x50 6.3 (illuminator acceptable)
Back Focus 186.38mm
Metal Back 178mm
with Extender-Q 1.6X
Effective Focal Length 850mm
Effective Focal Ratio f/8
Image Circle 44mm
Photographic Field 9.4
Metal Back 117.5mm
with Reducer-QE 0.73X
Effective Focal Length 387mm
Effective Focal Ration f/3.6
Image Circle 44mm
Photographic Field 6.5
Metal Back 72.2mm
TAKAHASHI FSQ-106ED Instruction Manual - CLICK HERE
Photo/Visual System System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
Extender-Q 1.6X System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
Reducer-QE 0.73X System Chart - CLICK HERE
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