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21st October 2016


Flatfield Super Quintuplet APO
Staying true to Takahashi's legendary and supreme optical designs, the FSQ-130ED produces a perfectly flat-field. By utilizing a five element design which incorporates 3 ED elements made from premium optical glass, color, brightness and contrast are at its best. At prime focus, the 130ED produces an incredible 110mm image circle. The stars in the center of the field are 2.0μm and only 4.5μm at the edge of an 64 circle. The high contrast images produced are extremely sharp and are 92% illuminated.

The Takahashi FSQ130ED is the ultimate astrograph. A quintuplet super-low dispersion optical design which uses specialized anti-reflection coatings to transmit the the maximum light to your camera sensor. It's also the perfect image travelling companion! At only 550mm long and very lightweight, it is easily supported by a medium-duty mount. 175mm of back focus allow for easy adaptation of long focus imaging set-ups.

Included with the FSQ 130 APO optical tube is a 5" focuser capable of heavy-duty work loads. Your heavyweight imaging set up is in safe hands. Integrated is a camera angle adjuster and rotator for optimal camera sensor placement.

The Takahashi RD-QE .73x can be used with the FSQ-130ED and will produce colour rich images across a flat field and a 44mm image circle.

The Extender-ED when used with the FSQ-130ED offers larger image scale for smaller objects at 980mm

The EXQ-1.6x is well suited to be used with the FSQ-130ED for greater image scale. Stars produced by the EXQ are small.

The FSQ-130ED was designed to produce a large highly illuminated flat field that is perfect for larger chip cameras that require larger illuminated fields. This design is the next step in the evolution of the Takahashi FSQ Series astrographs. The outstanding performance of the FSQ-130, its portability, high quality construction and outstanding images makes this instrument an a formidable imaging platform.
  • The Takahashi FSQ-130ED is a highly tuned Super APO optical tube.
  • Using a 5 element design, the FSQ-130ED provides a highly color-correct ultra flat-field image with exceptional light transmission.
  • Large 110mm image circle.
  • Super fast f/5 design.
  • Includes 5" focuser capable of carrying heavy imaging setups. Integrated camera angle adjuster and rotator.
  • a large highly illuminated field that is further enhanced with the new dedicated 645 reducer that produces a 70mm image circle at f/3.5.
 FSQ-130ED  FSQ-130ED
Type Refractor - Apochromatic
Aperture 130mm
Focal Length 650mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Diameter of main tube 156mm
Length of main tube 540mm (Collapsed)
Weight of OTA 12.2kg (~27 lbs)
Back Focus 175mm
Image Circle 110mm
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
with 645 Reducer 0.7x
Focal Length 455mm
Focal Ratio f/3.5
Image Circle 70mm
with RD-QE 0.73x
Focal Length 474mm
Focal Ratio f/3.6
Image Circle 44mm
with EX-ED 1.5x
Focal Length 980mm
Focal Ratio f/7.5
Image Circle 44mm
with Extender-Q 1.6x
Focal Length 1040mm
Focal Ratio f/8
Image Circle 44mm
TAKAHASHI FSQ-130ED Photo/Visual, Reducer & Extender System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
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