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21st October 2016



Superior quality optics in a portable package? you must be talking about the Takahashi TSA-120. The "T" stands for Triplet and an air-spaced triplet design is exactly what you'll get. Inside the precision crafted lens cell, you'll find three elements, two extreme quality crown and flint glass, with an FPL-53 Extra-low Dispersion glass element sandwiched in between. While traditional refractor designs use oil in between elements, Takahashi doesn't... that means no oil to possibly leak out or become opaque with age. The "SA" stand for "Super Apochromat" and Apochromatic means you're free from those strange violet glows which often accompany bright stars or planets.

The lens cells are durably constructed to withstand transport - yet are fully able to be collimated should the owner wish to make adjustments. Just like its little brother, the TSA-102S, the optics on the Takahashi TSA-120 will be, we are sure, as near to perfection as you can get! The color free images produced will delight the lunar, planetary and deep sky observer with very high contract images with pin point stars.

The TSA-120 is the second triplet apochromat in the TSA Series, following on from the outstanding TSA-102. It has superb color correction and will provide high contrast images with pin point stars across the field. The TSA-120 is a great scope for imaging!
TSA-120 Images
Orion Nebula M42 taken by Warren Norrie with TAKAHASHI TSA telescope Witchhead Nebula taken by W.Norrie using TAKAHASHI TSA telescope
These amazing astro-photos were taken with the TAKAHASHI TSA-120's smaller counterpart the TSA-102.
Click the images to enlarge them and see what is possible with a TAKAHASHI TSA series telescope!
TSA-120 Technical Specifications
General Specifications
Optical System Triplet Super Apochromat
Aperture 120mm
Focal Length 900mm
Focal Ratio f/7.5
Length of Main Tube 990mm (with Dew Shield)
Diameter of Main Tube 125mm (160mm at Dew Shield)
Weight of Main Tube 6.7kg (12.6lbs)
Coating Broadband multi-layer anti-reflection coatings
Resolution 0.97
Limiting Magnitude 12.1
Back Focus 227.5mm (8.93")
with TOA-35 Flattener
Focal Length 882mm
Focal Ratio f/7.3
Optical Performance 7 microns RMS-spot radius on axis
7 microns RMS-spot radius 10mm off axis
7 microns RMS-spot radius 20mm off axis
Image Circle 40mm
Image Field 2.6
with TOA-35 Reducer
Focal Length 672mm
Focal Ratio f/5.6
Optical Performance 4 microns RMS-spot radius on axis
6 microns RMS-spot 10mm off axis
13 microns RMS-spot 20mm off axis
Image Circle 40mm
Image Field 3.4
TAKAHASHI TSA-120 Instruction Manual PDF - CLICK HERE
TAKAHASHI TSA-120 Photo / Visual System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
TAKAHASHI TSA-120 Reducer System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
TAKAHASHI TSA-120 Extender ED 1.5x System Chart PDF - CLICK HERE
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The above images and information and gathered from various online sources

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