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This Page Updated
21st October 2016

Page Date: 13-5-2013


   We thank the many customers who bought TAKAHASHI equipment since the AUD/YEN Exchange Rate went up. However, in the last few months, we have had to cope with quite a few time-wasters! So, please, check our TAKAHASHI prices before engaging us in long telephone conversations, and e-mails unless, of course, you are TRULY SERIOUS about making a purchase.

   After all, TAKAHASHI is the Rolls-Royce of astronomical equipment. No wonders it is used by advanced amateur observers and astro-photographers world-wide!  Takahashi refractors, in particular, are sharper, higher in contrast, and perfectly colour-corrected. Also, inch-per-inch of aperture they are brighter than other brands. And, when it comes to astro-photography, the very best images we have seen are the ones taken with the FSQ-85EDX, FSQ-106ED  (EDX), as well as the TSA and TOA Series.  Therefore, there is no need for us to debate these truths and facts!  Just read our Customer Feedback Section, and find out what Takahashi owners have to say about their equipment! Also, check the many pictures and technical information we have available on TAKAHASHI Telescopes, Mounts, Eyepieces, and many dedicated Accessories.

   Because we are very busy people, we cannot waste time everyday talking on the phone to prospective customers, who get a lot of information from us, and then buy nothing! Likewise, lately, we wasted much time answering a large number of e-mails about TAKAHASHI products, sent to us by "prospective" customers, who obviously had no intention of buying anything - or couldn't afford to do so. And these e-mails weren't just one or two, or even three, but dozens! Now, just suppose we received many of these e-mails on a daily basis - if this happened, we would waste most of our time answering e-mails from people who have no intention of buying anything!

   Of course, if you are an established customer (or you have just bought a TAKAHASHI Telescope, Mount, or Accessory) you can ring at any time, and/or send us as many e-mails as you wish! But if you are just a prospective customer, please make sure you are serious about buying TAKAHASHI equipment when contacting us. Also, if you are thinking of buying a TAKAHASHI set-up next month, or even next year, it isn't necessary to contact us now, as prices are likely to vary substantially from now to then! In this case, just check the current prices to give you an idea of the cost of the equipment you are thinking of buying later on. However, just remember that almost the entire range of TAKAHASHI Telescopes, Mounts, and Accessories are professional standard! Therefore, they are still the best astronomical equipment to buy, at any price!

   When it comes to buying TAKAHASHI equipment, please revisit our website on a regular basis, as it contains much information as well as many astrophotographs taken using the said equipment.
Buying your first telescope?

When I first got interested in practical astronomy, I too wasted many thousands of dollars on what US optical engineer Phil Harrington, in his book Star Ware, refers to as "Jacks of all trades and masters of none" - Yes, Schmidt-Cassegrains. Here my free advice is that you should first buy an apochromatic refractor, which is excellent, not only for visual observation, but for astrophotography as well. (Just have a good look at the spectacular images in this website, taken with nothing larger than a 5" refractor!) The truth is that the best astro-photographs we have ever seen were taken using the Takahashi FSQ-85EDX, FSQ-106ED (EDX3), or the TSA-102S (N)!

Of course, for visual observation of faint astronomical objects, an aperture of 12.5" or larger is needed. In this case, a large-aperture Newtonian or Cassegrain is the best choice.

(Please read advanced amateur astronomers Philip Robustellini, Scott Dimmock, and Dean Davidson's comments in our Customer Feedback Page.)
In conclusion, if you a prospective customer, please follow the eight steps listed below:
  1. Please Check Prices and make sure you can afford the item/items before you contact us.
  2. When making price comparisons with foreign dealers' prices, make sure you add the difference in Exchange Rate, GST, Brokerage, and other Fees to the said prices.
  3. Check the technical information, pictures, system charts, etc of the item/s you wish to buy; also, familiarize yourself with the characteristics and use/s of the item/s you are interested in.
  4. If you decide to contact us, keep your phone calls as short as possible and to the point.
  5. Don't send us long e-mails, asking all sorts of information on various items before you actually make a purchase.
  6. If it is at all possible, don't ask for a detailed Pro-Forma Invoice unless you are serious about making a purchase.
  7. Also, don't ask us to contact TAKAHASHI about delivery times, special shipping arrangements, and other information, unless you are sure about making a purchase.
  8. For us gentlemen: Please make sure you ask your wife's permission before buying expensive equipment. Winking smile

Of course, the above conditions DO NOT apply to established customers!

Thank you,

Claude Voarino
(AEC Manager)
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