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This Page Updated
January 31st 2019


Astronomical Equipment

(TCA-4) (CA35)

OTA and Mount prices have been removed until the AUD/JPY Exchange Rate improves!!
However, all OTA's currently in-stock are still available at their December 2018 prices.
Newly ordered items will be priced according to the Exchange Rate Of The Day.
Please contact AEC for a quote on any product.

FS-60CB (In-Stock)
TSK06210 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
     FS-60Q (In-Stock)
TSK06310 OTA Only (includes 1.7x Extender)
Click For Information & Images
FC-76DC (Fixed Dew-Shield)
TFK07630 OTA Only
N/A    FC-76DC Objective Unit
TFK07650 (To be combined with FC-60CB rear unit)
Click For Information & Images
FC-76DS (Retractable Dew-Shield) (In-Stock)
TFK07610 OTA Only

     FC-76DCU (Fixed Dew Shield)
TFK07640 OTA Only
FC-76DC OB Unit + FS-60CB Rear Unit
TFK10010 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
     FC-100DF (In-Stock)
TFK10110 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
FC-100DL (In-Stock)
OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
     FOA-60 (In-Stock)
TFA06010 OTA Only:
Click for System Chart
FOA-60Q (In-Stock)
TFA06110 OTA Only:
Click for System Chart
     TSA-120 SUPER APO (In-Stock)
TTK12010 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
FSQ-85EDX (In-Stock)
TQE08541 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TQE10610 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TQE10641 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TQE13010 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
TEK13010 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
TEK18010 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TOK13210 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TOK13010 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
TOK15110 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
     Mewlon-180C (In-Stock)
OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
Mewlon-210 (In-Stock)
TLK21010 OTA Only:
Click For Information & Images
     Mewlon-250 CRS
TLK25410 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
Mewlon-300 CRS
TLK30310 OTA Only
Images: Pic #1 Pic #2
     CCA-250 Tri-Focal Astrograph
TCK25010 OTA Only
Click For Information & Images
OTA ONLY = Tube Holder, Finderscope, and Finderscope Bracket are NOT INCLUDED


Takahashi PM-1 Equatorial Mount

Takahashi PM-SP Equatorial Mount
PM-1 Equatorial Mount
Click For Information
    PM-SP Equatorial Mount
PM-1 Optional Accessories PM-SP Optional System Parts
TTM23010 Planet Fork System Set     TDA25010 Dovetail Adapter for PM-SP  
TTM23020 Option Set     TSP25010 SP Plate 300 for PM-SP  
TTM23001 No. 54 Dec. Adapter     TPS25010 Plate Set for PM-SP  
TTM23002 No. 55 Camera Platform     TRL25010 Ring Level (SP)  
TTM23003 No. 56 P-2 Tripod Adapter     TPL25010 P-Light SP for PM-SP  
TTM23004 No. 57 TPL02000 P-Light     TSP03000 TG Slow Motion Unit  
      TKP73434 Weight 0.6kg  
      TAD25010 1/4" to 3/8" Tripod Adapter  

Takahashi Temma-2Z Equatorial Mounts

EM-11 Temma-2Z
TTM34000 Complete Mount
    EM-200 Temma-2Z
TTM44000 Complete Mount
Click For Information & Images
EM-200 Temma-2ZBL
Complete Mount
w/Long Weight Shaft (Non-Retractable)
    EM-400 Temma-2Z
TTM64000 Complete Mount
Click For Information & Images
TTM64001 Head Unit Only for EM-400
High Latitude (15 ~ 58)
    TTM64002 Head Unit Only for EM400
Mid Latitude (0 ~ 47)
EM-500 Temma-2Z
TTM74100 Complete Mount
Found a cheaper price for Takahashi OTA's or Mounts
 from another
Authorized Takahashi Dealer?
Let us know and we will BEAT IT!!

5% Discount To All Previous Customers!

Any customer who has previously purchased a TAKAHASHI Telescope, Equatorial Mount or Tripod from A.E.C. is eligible for a 5% discount on the current price of any Takahashi Accessories or Eyepieces.

NB: This offer is NOT available to those who persist in purchasing equipment from Hong Kong re-sellers, or any other unathorized source of Takahashi equipment. Takahashi / AMA refuses ALL warranty for these items in Australia, and we will not supply repair or spare parts for them.

Accessory prices are valid for items currently in-stock

Newly ordered items will be priced according to the Exchange Rate Of The Day.



Takahashi LE / Hi-LE Eyepieces & Accessories - for more information CLICK HERE

(TKA00520) LE 5mm (1.25") $280   (TKA00521) LE 7.5mm (1.25") $280
(TKA00528) LE 10mm (1.25") $252   (TKA00522) LE 12.5mm (1.25") $252
(TKA00523) LE 18mm (1.25") $252   (TKA00524) LE 24mm (1.25") $270
(TKA00525) LE 30mm (1.25") $270   (TKA00529) LE 40mm (2") $489
(TKA00531) LE 50mm (2") $489   (TKA00530) LE 50mm (2") - Old Model - (x1 in Stock) $390
(TKA00526) Hi-LE 2.8mm - Discontinued Item - (x2 in stock) $295   (TKA00527) Hi-LE 3.6mm - Discontinued Item - (x1 in stock) $295

Takahashi TOE-Series Eyepieces - for more information CLICK HERE

(TKA00613) TOE-2.5mm $418   (TKA00614) TOE-3.3mm $418
(TKA00615) TOE-4mm $418      

Takahashi TAK-UW Extra-Wide-Field (90) Eyepieces - for more information CLICK HERE

(TKA00600) TAK-3.3UW $825   (TKA00601) TAK-5.7UW $825
(TKA00602) TAK-7UW $718   (TKA00603) TAK-10UW $618

Takahashi Abbe-Orthoscopic Eyepieces - for more information CLICK HERE

(TKA00610) Abbe 4mm (FOV 44) $238   (TKA00700) Abbe 6mm $205
(TKA00701) Abbe 9mm $205   (TKA00702) Abbe 12.5mm $205
(TKA00703) Abbe 18mm $225   (TKA00704) Abbe 25mm $225
(TKA00705) Abbe 32mm $295      

Takahashi Erfle - for more information CLICK HERE

(TKA00611) Erfle 28mm (FOV 60) 5 Elements in 3 groups $295    

Tube Holders

TKA20420 FS-60CB (80mm) $150
TKA20420Q FS-60Q / FC-76DC (80mm) $165
TKA20420G FOA-60Q (68mm) 68S-GT $215
TKA21420 FC-100DC / SKY-90 / FSQ-85EDX (95mm) $201
TKA19420G FC-100DL Tube Holder $243
TKA23420 TSA-102 / FS-102 (114mm) $259
TKA36420 TSA-120 / FSQ-106ED (125mm) $295
TKA29420M TSA-120 (125mm) (Double type) (to be used with M-type M) $515
TKA21420S FSQ-85EDX (95mm) with Aux. Plate $276
TKA29420S FSQ-106ED (125mm) with Aux. Plate $360
TKA36420W FSQ-106ED (125mm) (Double ring type) with Aux. Plate (to be used with TKA36421) $545
TKA31420 TOA-130S / TOA-130F(156mm)(single) $450
TKA27420M TOA-130NS / TOA-130NFB (156mm)(double type) - to be used with TMP02200 M-Type (M) $590
TKA27420T TOA-130NS / TOA-130NFB / FSQ-130ED (156mm)(double type) - to be used with TMP02100 L-Type (L) $590
TKA32420 TOA-150(179mm) (double) $759
TKA74420 CN-212 (243mm) $389
TKA80420 BRC-250/Mewlon-250S (280mm) $675
TKA84420 Mewlon-250CRS (280 WC) $675
TKA65420 Mewlon-300 / FRC-300(324mm) $1,089
TKA69420S Epsilon-130D (166WS) $549
TKA68420S Epsilon-180ED (232mm) (double) (S) $725
TKA68420M Epsilon-180ED (232mm) (double) (M) $725
TKA84421 WC Plate for Mewlon-250CRS / EM-400 $320
TKA84422 Spacer for WC plate (for Mewlon-250CRS / EM-500 / NJP) N/A
TKA85420 Mewlon-300CRS (324mm) 324CWT
    T type components: To be used with TMP02100 L-type (L)
    M type components: To be used with TMP02200 M-type (M)
    S type components: To be used with TMP02300 M-type (S)

Finder Scopes, Illuminators & Brackets

TKA00551 6x30 Finder scope $162
TKA00551B 6x30 Finder scope (Black colour) $162
TKA00552 7x50 Finder scope $305
TKA00552Y 7x50 Finder scope (Yellow for Epsilon-180ED) $305
TKA00554 Finder reticule illuminator $173
TKA00562 Finder bracket (6x30F) $53
TKA00562B Finder bracket (6x30F) (Black colour) $53
TKA00563 Finder bracket (7x50F) $85
TKA00569 Finder bracket (7x50F) (BRC-250/FRC-300)(CCA-250) $85
TKA00563B Finder bracket (7x50F) (black) (for Epsilon-180ED) $85
TKA00564 Finder bracket (7x50F) for Accessory holder ring $85
TKA00571 Finder quick release FQR-1 $103
TKA00571B Finder quick release FQR-1B (for Epsilon-180ED) $103

Takahashi Diagonal Prisms & Mirrors

1.25" Star Diagonal (MC 31.2mm) $151   2" Star Diagonal (L) for LDP - Discontinued, 1 in Stock $345
2" Star Diagonal (50.8mm) $518      

Turret Ocular Adapters

TKA00404   4-Turret Ocular Holder 1.25" $779   TKA00105   Turret Extension Tube (S) 50.8 $130
TKA00546   Coupling for 5-Turret Ocular Holder for LDP $62      

Focal Reducers

TKA20580B FS-60CB Reducer-C 0.72x (FS-60CB) $650
TKA18580 76D Reducer (FC-76DS/DC) $635
TKA35580 Flattener/Reducer (SKY-90) $465
TKA31580 Reducer (TSA-102, TSA-120, TOA-130, TOA-150) N/A
TKA31580S Reducer (+ Vari Ring) (TSA-102, TSA-120, TOA-130, TOA-150) N/A
TKA36580 Reducer-QE 0.73x (FSQ-106ED/EDX3, FSQ-130ED) $690
TKA36580L 645 Reducer-QE 0.72x (FSQ-106ED) $2,819
TKA38580 645 Reducer 0.7x (FSQ-130ED) Call For Price
TKA38581 F3 Reducer 0.6x (FSQ-106EDX4 / FSQ-130ED) $2,150
TKA70581 Flattener/Reducer (Mewlon-180/210/250/300) $605
TKA81580 Reducer (FRC-300) (Only available with order of FRC-300) $1,539
TKA82580 Reducer-CR 0.73x (FSQ-106EDX4, CCA-250, Mewlon CR/CRS) $810
TKA86580L 645 Reducer-CA 0.72x  (CCA-250) $2,819
TKA32580A TOA-35 Reducer 130 Set (TOA-35 RD + CA Ring 130) - Click Here For Info & Images $1,675
TKA32580B TOA-35 Reducer 150 Set (TOA-35 RD + CA Ring 150) - Click Here For Info & Images $1,675
TKA31202 CA Ring 130 $99
TKA32202 CA Ring 150 (TKA32580B for TOA-150B, TSA-102N/S, TSA-120) $99
TKA19580 FC-35 Reducer 0.66x (FC-100DL) - Click Here For Info & Images $1,195
TKA19202 CA Ring 100 $99

Focal Extenders

TKA00594 FS-60C / FS-60CB Extender C2X $203
TKA00595 SKY-90 / FS-60CB / FC-76DC Extender-Q 1.6X Set Incl. 60/67, 61-A, 61-A, 61-B & 62 $569
TKA00595L Extender-Q 1.6X lens only (No. 60/67) $569
TKA00586 Vari-tube (L) (No.61-A) $46
TKA00587 Vari-tube (S) (No.61-B) $46
TKA00588 Adapter (EX-Q) (No.62) $46
TKA36595 FSQ-106ED Extender-Q 1.6X (50.8) $569
TKA31595 Extender-TOA 1.6X (will be discontinued) $539
TKA37595 FSQ-85EDX / TSA / TOA Extender-ED 1.5X $539
TKA82595 CCA-250 / Mewlon-CR / CRS Extender-CR 1.5x $535
TKA00597 2X Barlow lens (31.7mm) (1.25") $225
TKA20595 FS-60 Extender-CQ 1.7X - converts FS-60C/CB to FS-60Q $455
TKA28595 Extender 1.7xR (FOA-60Q) $950


TKA20582 FS-60C / FC-60CSV Flattener $249
TKA18582 FC-76D Flattener $223
TKA31582 TSA / TOA 35-Flattener $610
TKA31583 TOA-130F / TOA-150 67-Flattener
For TOA-130F : to be used with #82 (TKA31584) Ex. Tube
For TOA-150 : to be used with #82 (TKA26583) Ex. Tube
TKA31583S TOA-130F 67-Flattener Set (with #82 + 83) $1,125
TKA32583S TOA-150 67-Flattener Set (with #82 + 83) $1,125
TKA28582 FOA-60 Flattener 0.93x $580
TKA37582 FSQ-85EDX Flattener 1.01x $320

Camera Adapters (CA35)

TKA00210 Camera adapter TCA-4 (31.7) Eyepiece Projection Unit $255
TKA00205 CA35 for FS-60C $72
TKA31201 CA35 (50.8) for TSA-102/TOA/FSQ/TOA $130
TKA23201 CA35 for FS-102/128/152/FSQ-106 $72
TKA35201 CA35 for SKY-90 $72

Camera Angle Adjusters (CAA)

TKA21200 CAA for FS-60C/SKY-90 $280
TKA23200 CAA for TSA/TOA-130S $305
TKP30200 CAA for TOA-130F/TOA-150 $325
TKP86200 CAA for CCA-250 $573

Corrector Lens

TKA68580 Corrector lens (Epsilon-180ED) $579

Collimating Tools

TKA00443 Collimating Scope (often used to collimate GSO Cassegrain OTA's) $249

Collimating Tool Accessories (only required for Newtonian OTA's)

TKA00441 Collimating Eyepiece 31.7mm $84
TKA00442 Collimating Tube $72

Accessory Plates

TMP02100 Accessory plate L-type (L) - to be used with TKA27420T TOA-130NS / TOA-130NFB / FSQ-10ED Tube Holder $495
TMP02200 Accessory plate M-type (M) - to be used with TKA27420M TOA-130NS / TOA-130NFB Tube Holder $279
TMP02300 Accessory plate M-type (S) $149
TGP00350 TGM Plate (M) (Size : 180mm x 350mm) $379
TGP00300 TGM Plate (S) (Size : 125mm x 300mm) $245
TKA36421 Aux. Plate (FSQ-106ED) $175
TKA37421 Aux. Plate (FSQ-85EDX) $149
TKA36421W Aux. Plate W (FSQ-106ED) for Double Ring Tube Holder $320

Guiding Mounts

TGM03300 Guiding mount TGM-1 (FC-60C/FS-78) $465
TGM03400 Guiding mount TGM-2 (FS-78/102) $615

Guiding Ocular

TKA00536 Guiding ocular LG-5 $515

Guiding Scope

TGT04000 Guiding scope GT-40 $465
TGT04010 L-Clamp $239

Dovetail Adapters

TKP71422 Dove-tail adapter (female) (Mewlon-210) $215
TKP71423 Dove-tail adapter (male) (Mewlon-210) $39
TKP75422 Dove-tail adapter (female) (CCA-250) $575

Rack & Pinion Focusers

TKA00700 Universal Rack & Pinion Focuser Unit (36.4) (for Mewlon/CN) $675
TKA00705 Universal Rack & Pinion Focuser Unit (50.8) (for Mewlon/CN) $675

Micro Edge Focuser

TKA00733 Micro edge focuser MEF-3 (1:7)
usable with FS-60C / SKY-90 / TSA-102 / TSA-120 / TOA-130S
TKA00734 Micro edge focuser MEF-4 (1:7)
usable with FSQ-106 / FS-128 / FS-152 / TOA-130F / TOA-150

T-Mount & Wide T-Mount

TKA01250 T-Mount DX-S (For Canon-EOS) $150
TKA01254 T-Mount DX-S (For Nikon) $150
TKA01251 Wide T-Mount DX-WR (For Canon-EOS) $170
TKA01255 Wide T-Mount DX-WR (For Nikon) $170
TKA20245 Wide T-Mount DX-WR (For Canon-EOS) - for FS-60CB Only $170
TKA20246 Wide T-Mount DX-WR (For Nikon) - for FS-60CB Only $170

T-Mount & Wide T-Mount - some cheaper TAKAHASHI-alternatives

TKA00220 T-Mount Nikon $59
TKA00222 T-Mount Canon $59
TKA00223 T-Mount Canon EOS $59
TKA00224 T-Mount Pentax K $59
TKA00225 T-Mount Minolta A $59
TKA00227 T-Mount Four Thirds $59
TKA00230 Wide T-Mount Nikon $85
TKA00232 Wide T-Mount Canon $85
TKA00233 Wide T-Mount Canon EOS $85
TKA00234 Wide T-Mount Pentax K $85
TKA00235 Wide T-Mount Minolta A $85
TKA00237 Wide T-Mount Pentax SP $85
TKA00238 Wide T-Mount Four Thirds $85
TKA20230 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Nikon $85
TKA20232 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Canon $85
TKA20233 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Canon EOS $85
TKA20234 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Pentax K $85
TKA20235 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Minolta A $85
TKA20237 Wide T-Mount (FS-60CB) Four Thirds $85

Wooden Tripods (Prices do not include Freight)

TWT20010  Wooden tripod (FC-S) (P-2Z) $460
TWT20020  Wooden tripod (FC-M) (EM-10/11) $650
TWT20030  Wooden tripod (FC-L) (EM-10/11) N/A
TWT30010  Wooden tripod (SE-S) (EM-200) $1,035
TWT30020  Wooden tripod (SE-M) (EM-200) $1,205
TWT30030  Wooden tripod (SE-L) (EM-200) $1,230
TWT30040  Wooden tripod (SE-LL) (EM-200) $1,330
TWT40010  Wooden tripod (J-S) (NJP) $950
TWT40020  Wooden tripod (J-M) (NJP) $1,145
TWT40030  Wooden tripod (J-L) (NJP) $1,205
TWT40040  Wooden tripod (J-LL) (NJP) $1,335
TWT50010  Wooden tripod (SR-S) (EM-400/JP-Z) $1,040
TWT50020  Wooden tripod (SR-M) (EM-400/JP-Z) $1,205
TWT50030  Wooden tripod (SR-L) (EM-400/JP-Z) $1,330
TWT50040  Wooden tripod (SR-LL) (EM-400/JP-Z) $1,370
TTE05100 Tripod extension (SE tripod) $745
TSM02000 Tripod adapter (P-2Z) (FC-S tripod) $115
TSM03000 Tripod adapter (EM-2S) (FC-M/L tripods) N/A
TSM04000 Tripod adapter (EM-10/11) (FC-M/L tripods) N/A
TSM04100 Tripod adapter (EM-11) (FC-M/L) (with turn table) $345
TSM05000 Tripod adapter (EM-200) (SE tripods) $235
TSM06000 Tripod adapter (NJP) (J tripods) $245
TSM07000 Tripod adapter (EM-400) (SR tripods) $410
TCW00110 Tripod Flattener (L) $99
TCW00120 Tripod Flattener (S) $69
TCW00210 Tripod Adjuster (L) $185
TCW00220 Tripod Adjuster (S) $155

Metal Tripods (Prices do not include Freight)

TMT10200 Metal tripod (S) Basic Unit $1,135
TMT10210 Tripod adapter P-2 $179
TMT10220 Tripod adapter TG-L $152
TMT10230 Tripod adapter Camera mount 1/4 inch) $152
TMT10240 Tripod adapter (Camera mount 3/8 inch) $152
TMT10250 Tripod adapter (EM-11) $189
TMT30020 Metal tripod (EM-10/11/200) $1,769
TMT50300 Metal tripod (J) for NJP $3,669
TMT60300 Metal tripod (J) for EM-500 $3,669
TMT70300 Metal tripod (J) for EM-400/JP-Z $3,669

Pier Stands (Prices do not include Freight)

TMP30010 Pier-stand (SE-S) for EM-200 $1,969
TMP30030 Pier-stand (SE-L) for EM-200 $2,299
TMP30040 Pier-stand (SE-LL) for EM-200 $2,410
TMP40010 Pier-stand (J-S) for NJP $1,969
TMP40030 Pier-stand (J-L) for NJP $2,810
TMP40040 Pier-stand (J-LL) for NJP $3,445
TMP50010 Pier-stand (SQ-S) for EM-500 $2,430
TMP50030 Pier-stand (SQ-L) for EM-500 $2,685
TMP50040 Pier-stand (SQ-LL) for EM-500 $4,359
TMP70010 Pier-stand (SR-S) for EM-400 $1,729
TMP70030 Pier-stand (SR-L) for EM-400 $2,359
TMP70040 Pier-stand (SR-LL) for EM-400 $2,545

Counter Weights (Prices do not include Freight)

TCW01500 Counter-weight 1.4 Kg $99
TCW01600 Counter-weight 2.1 Kg (P-2Z) $109
TCW01800 Counter-weight 3.5 Kg (EM-11) $135
TCW02000 Counter-weight 4.6 Kg (EM-11) $160
TCW02100 Counter-weight 6.5 Kg (EM-11) $219
TCW02200 Counter-weight 6.5 Kg (NJP) screw type $259
TCW02300 Counter-weight 5.0 Kg (EM-200) $235
TCW02400 Counter-weight 10.0 Kg (EM-500) $385
TCW02500 Counter-weight 8.0 Kg (EM-400/JP-Z) $329
TKP72432 Balance-weight 0.4 Kg (Mewlon-250) $135
TKP72433 Balance-weight 1.1 Kg (Mewlon-250) $159
TKP73433 Balance-weight 1.4 Kg (Mewlon-300) $170

Individual Parts

TKA01253 T-Ring DX (Canon EOS) $43
TKA01257 T-Ring DX (Nikon) $43
TKA00242 Wide Ring (Canon EOS) $49
TKA00240 Wide Ring (Nikon) $85
TKA01252 Camera Mount DX (Canon EOS) $160
TKA01258 Camera Mount DX (Nikon) $160
TKA20242 Wide Ring (Canon EOS) for FS-60CB $49
TKA20240 Wide Ring (Nikon) for FS-60CB $49

Miscellaneous Spare Parts

  Miscellaneous spare parts are available for purchase to repair/replace minor components of Takahashi products, for example: Telescope Tubes, Lens, Retouching Paint, Screws, Eyepiece Rubber & Caps, Control Knobs etc. are available on request to established customers.  

Please contact AEC for more information on these TAKAHASHI products.


All Prices are subject to change without notice.

The AUD/JPY Exchange Rate is based on the
Bank Selling Rate for Telegraphic Transfer.

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