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21st October 2016


T-REX Altazimuth Mount
THE BEST Altazimuth Mount on the market!
A great combination: The rock-solid T-REX Altazimuth mount + the Super Accurate ARGO NAVIS Digital Setting Circle (DSC)
 T-Rex + Argo Navis DSC T-Rex + Argo NAVIS DSC T-Rex + Argo NAVIS DSC
For more information visit: Wildcard Innovations - Home of the Argo Navis
T-REX Altazimuth Mounts - available from A.E.C. - Please contact AEC for other prices and products not listed here.
T-REX Altazimuth Mount
Includes: Mount, Nexus Holder, Pier Extension .... Freight Included
$ 2,995.00
Skywatcher Tripod $ 370.00
Optional Extras (Freight Free)
$685   Kokusai Kohki Super Navigator DSC $770
55cm Slow Motion Extension Cable $130   DSC Holder Tray/Cradle $260
Carry Bag for entire T-REX $175   20cm Pier Extension Tube $230
Below are a few images and information from their website showcasing the excellent T-REX Altazimuth Mount.

For more information or enquiries regarding price and availability please contact AEC.
The Kokusai Kohki T-Rex webpage can be found here: www.kkohki.com/English/T-REXmount.html
T-REX Altazimuth Mounts
From left to right: The basic model "T-MOUNT" alt-azimuth mount, predecessor of the T-REX, on a Vixen SX-HAL-130 tripod, a black finished T-REX alt azimuth mount on a GMT-128 (Synta) stainless steel tripod, with a DSC holder tray on the side, and a white finished T-REX mount, also on a GMT-128 tripod, with our own "Super Navigator" digital setting circle (DSC) readout module resting on its tray. The T-REX is available for attachment to either the SX-HAL-130 or the GMT-128 tripod (please specify at time of order
Standard Accessories: Oversized large handled special new style lock bolts for the T-REX saddle plate securely lock down the telescope`s dovetail plate.
The T-REX is a brand new alt-azimuth mount that is fully compatible with digital setting circles such as our own (optional) Super Navigator readout module. 4096 step encoders (angle position sensors) safely mounted internally on each axis are standard equipment. Dual slow motion controls with oversize easy grip handles, and clamps that can lightly clutch or tightly lock down each axis, are also standard.
Easily installed and easily removed, 55cm long flexible extension cables allow slow motion control of the T-REX at a distance closer to the eyepiece of longer telescopes.


T-REX Super Altazimuth Mount with Takahashi Tube-Holder, flexible extension cables and dove-tail.


Close up of TREX extension cables connection and mechanism
T-REX Altazimuth Mount
approx. weight :
approx. height (tripod fully extended) :
Please visit the Kokusai Kohki website by clicking here




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