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This Page Updated
21st October 2016


Kasai Trading
This Japanese company has been supplying a range of astronomical equipment since the early 1990s. Kasai Trading current equipment includes: Maksutovs, high quality, innovative large Dobsonians, ATM equipment, Eyepieces, Focusers, Filters, Tripods, Altazimuth Mounts, and Large Binoculars.

Japan-Made Guider/FinderscopeFor those who need a very bright Guider / Finderscope, we recommend this Japan-Made spectacular 80mm Finderscope with 2" Cross-Hair 32mm Eyepiece!

 Also available: 2" Star Diagonal,  2" Cross-Hair 26mm and 2" 20mm Eyepieces. This great Guider / Finderscope can also take 1.25" Star Diagonals and Eyepieces.

80mm Guider / Finderscope
 + 2" 32mm Cross-Hair Eyepiece
 + Dove-Tail type Tube Holder for

 only $625.00

NINJA-320 12.5" Dobsonian Ninja 320
Ninja 320 Dismantled
Effective Diameter 320mm
Focal 1450mm
Aperture Ratio f 4.5
Viewfinder 8.7x50mm
Tube Diameter 375mm
Overall Tube Length 1430mm (780mm + 685mm for the two individual sections)
Eyepiece Height at Zenith observation 1340mm  
Maximum diameter Dobsonian mount 460mm  
Gross Weight 21.5kg  
Also available: Ninja-400 16" and Ninja-500 20" Dobsonians

Astro Plan Astro Plan
AP-5mm  $210
AP-10mm  $155
AP-12.5mm  $175
AP-15mm  $175 
Wide Angle (Bino.) Wide Angle (Binocular)
WA-8mm  $155 
WA-12mm  $155 
WA-17mm  $175 
WA-20mm  $175 
  Super Wide Angle
SWA-10mm  $120
SWA-15mm  $137
SWA-20mm  $155
SWA-26mm  $189
SWA-32mm  $210
SWA-38mm  $235
  Extra Flat 
EF-16mm  $210
EF-19mm  $210
EF-27mm  $210
  Flat Field 
FF-8mm  $175
FF-12mm  $175
  Extra Wide View
EWV-10mm  $275
  Ultra Wide Angle 
UWA-4mm  $335
UWA-7mm  $335
UWA-16mm  $365
  Ultra Wide Angle 
UWA-28mm  $560
  Super View
SV-50mm  $150
Photographic Eyepieces 
  Expansion for Photography Eyepiece 
SV-32mm  $169
SV-40mm  $169
   Photography for 2" Eyepiece
SV-30mm  $289
SV-43mm  $289
Crosshair Eyepieces 
  Crosshair Eyepiece Input 
CH-PL 23mm  $117
CH-SWA 20mm $210
CH-SWA 26mm  $241
CH-SWA 30mm  $259

Barlow Lens

For further information, contact AEC or click on the
Kasai Trading website link.
(Website Translated from Japanese using Google-Translate)




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