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This Page Updated
30th November 2016


MEADE Instruments

For the full range of MEADE products, please read the online MEADE 2016 Catalogue

CLICK HERE >> Meade 2016 Catalogue Link << CLICK HERE

Below we have showcased a few of the great products available from MEADE.


MEADE LightSwitch Series

Meade's revolutionary LightSwitch Series of telescopes use advanced technologies to do what no other consumer telescopes have done before. Simply flip the switch, and the LS automatically aligns itself. Astronomer Inside(tm) technology then takes you on a guided tour of the best objects in your sky delivering over four hours of fun and informational audio and video presentations about the objects you are looking at. Featuring Advanved Coma-Free optics and Ultra-High Transmission Coatings to give you the sharpest, brightest images to the edge of your field. Meade LightSwitch technology brings the fun back to Astronomy

  • Self-Aligning GoTo Telescope with multi-media
  •  Aluminum constructed fork mount
  • Series 4000 Meade 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece
  • Adjustable steel tripod
LightSwitch 6" Product ID: 0610-03-10 Meade LightSwitch 8"
Aperture 6"
Focal Length 1524mm (f/10)
Assembled Weight 37 lbs
LightSwitch 8" Product ID: 0810-03-10
Aperture 8"
Focal Length 2032mm (f/10)
Assembled Weight 39 lbs


MEADE LX90 Series

Meade's LX90 ACF is a favorite of astronomers making the jump to the first, serious, large aperture telescope. Long after they have read the reviews, compared specifications, visited the blogs and talked to wizened astronomers, all roads point to the LX90. Performance, quality, value and ease of use are the hallmarks of a great telescope. With features like ACF (Advanced-Coma-Free), AudioStar, and built-in GPS, the LX90 is sure to live up to it's name. Now's your chance to own the legend.

  • F/10 optical design for higher magnifications
  • Built-in GPS for precise and quick star alignment
  • Heavy duty standard field tripod
  • Series 4000 Meade 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece
LX90 Series 8" Product ID: 0810-90-03 LX90 8inMeade LX90 10in
Aperture 8"
Focal Length 2000mm (f/10)
Assembled Weight 52 lbs
LX90 Series 10" Product ID: 1010-90-03
Aperture 10"
Focal Length 2500mm (f/10)
Assembled Weight 69 lbs
LX90 Series 12" Product ID: 1210-90-03
Aperture 12"
Focal Length 3048mm (f/10)
Assembled Weight 79 lbs



MEADE LX600 Series

Meade's remarkable LX600 is an easy to operate photographic platform which eliminates the most challenging parts of taking great astro-photos. With the evolutionary Starlock technology you no longer have to select guide stars, determine calibration settings or know how to perform high precision drift-alignments. Starlock reduces the burden so you can enjoy imaging the night sky.

  • Fast F/8 optical design for wider fields of view.
  • Two speed Crayford-style zero-image shift focuser.
  • Detachable OTA for easier setup and transport.
  • Ultra-high precision pointing using Starlock technology.
LX600 Series 10" Product ID: 1008-70-01 Meade LX600 12in Meade LX600 14in
Aperture 10"
Focal Length 2032mm (f/8)
Assembled Weight 129 lbs
LX600 Series 12" Product ID: 1208-70-01
Aperture 12"
Focal Length 2438mm (f/8)
Assembled Weight 139 lbs
LX600 Series 14" Product ID: 1408-70-01
Aperture 14"
Focal Length 2845mm (f/8)
Assembled Weight 160 lbs
LX600 Series 16"  Product D: 1608-70-01
Aperture  16" 
Focal Length  3251mm (f/8) 






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